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Budget and Legislative Committee (EC-1)

Initiated on : 10/01/1998

Mailing List: escop-budleg@lists.ncsu.edu

The ESCOP Budget and Legislative Committee is charged with developing annual justifications for the federal budget process, in consultation with the BAA and others; recommending appropriate science and technology programs that are linked to multistate and national research initiatives; and providing guidance in the assessment of impacts resulting from SAES/ARD system.

The membership of this committee is as follows:

  • Two delegates from each of the five SAES/ARD regions
  • One ED to serve as executive vice-chair and to assist the chair
  • Two CSREES representatives
  • One ARS representative
  • One representative each from CROPS 99 and FAIR 2002
  • One representative each from APLU Boards on Human Science, Natural Resources and Veterinary Medicine
  • One representative from NAPFSC
  • One representative from CARET
  • One liaison representative from each of the other COPS (3) and APLU Director, Federal Relations for Agriculture




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