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Communication and Marketing Committee (EC-2)

Initiated on : 09/25/2001

Mailing List: cmc_members@lists.wisc.edu

Please contact Chris Hamilton at chamilton@cals.wisc.edu for more information on the current members.

The ESCOP Communication and Marketing Committee, in consultation with the BAA, advocacy organization(s), and others, is charged with providing guidance in the assessment of impacts resulting from SAES/ARD system; developing marketing strategies/initiatives, when appropriate; and leading ESCOP's advocacy efforts.

CMC Committee files, kglobal reports, meeting minutes, etc. located here: Link to External CMC File Server

Proposed Assignment of Target Areas from Strategic Plan

Strategic Target 1. Place greater emphasis on identifying and serving the needs of stakeholders and clientele.

  • Action Item: Expand consultation, participatory planning, and stakeholder involvement in program implementation.
  • Action Item: Emphasize the development of science-based information, technologies, and knowledge through a diverse portfolio of priority research activities.
  • Action Item: Provide knowledge and services equitably for all citizens, including the historically underserved and small-scale farming enterprises, for a broad base of service and appreciation.

Strategic Target 3. Expand the research capability of the SAESs to respond to stakeholder needs.

  • Action Item: Involve faculty and colleagues from nontraditional disciplines in the conduct of SAES research.
  • Action Item: Maintain and expand a diversified portfolio of funding sources for research, including the development of nontraditional sources of funding.

Strategic Target 6. Be more accountable to stakeholders.

  • Action Item: Improve the effectiveness of our communications with stakeholders, including legislators and the public.
  • Action Item: Directly contribute to the reporting requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).
  • Action Item: Support the SAES System's growing commitments to image enhancement, jointly with the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP).

Strategic Target 7. Couple the processes of national strategic planning with federal budget development and advocacy.

  • Action Item: Work with NIFA in the "outyears" to identify joint budget priorities.
  • Action Item: Identify areas of emphasis to be targeted with additional formula appropriations from Congress.
  • Action Item: Work with other federal agencies in support of their budget requests, when those requests are congruent with the priorities of the SAES System.



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