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National Plant Germplasm Coordinating Committee (0-1)

Mailing List: npgcc@lists.ncsu.edu

National Plant Germplasm Coordinating Committee Charge

The NPGCC promotes a stronger, more efficient, more widely-recognized and better utilized NPGS. Its goals are to facilitate the coordination of ARS, NIFA and SAES planning and assessment mechanisms for NPGS policy, organization, operations and support; promote awareness and understanding of the NPGS across ARS, NIFA, and SAES and more broadly to the scientific community; and serve as a vehicle for improving communications and discussions about issues impacting the NPGS with ARS, SAES, and NIFA. It will assess, develop and recommend to the SAES, ARS and NIFA strategies for improved coordination of NPGS activities; develop and recommend a process for improved communication of the value of the NPGS; initiate a strategic planning effort for the NPGS to better define and communicate the vision, mission and short- and long-term goals; and to evaluate the current funding models for the NPGS and report findings to the SAES directors, ARS and NIFA.

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