ESCOP-ECOP Food Safety Subcommittee
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Purpose: Determine the research and education needs and opportunities related to food safety issues and determine an appropriate role for the Land-Grant System in addressing these issues.

Chair: Jim Denton (AR)
Vice-Chair: (tba)
Administrative Adviser: Darrell Nelson (NE)

Participating Members:
Doug Archer (FL)
Kathryn Boor (NYC)
Guendoline Brown (WV)
Michael Davidson (TN)
Michael Doyle (GA)
Cameron Faustman (CN)
Jerry Gillespie (JIFSR)
Curtis Kastner (KS)
Janet Kurzynske (KY)
David Lineback (MD)
Kristy Long (AK)
Daryl Lund (NCRA), Ex-officio
Michael Moody (LA)
William Nganje (ND)
Steven Otwell (FL)
Carolyn Raab (OR)
Stephen Sapp (IA)
Donald Schaffner (NJ)
John Sofos (CO)
Susan Sumner (VA)
Steve Taylor (NE)
Wilda Wade (NC)
Jan Singleton (CSREES)
Mary Torrence (CSREES)
Working Documents: Background Documents from Food Safety Task Force: