Existing wheat germplasm and information exchange mechanisms have provided significant, long-term benefits to stakeholders. These mechanisms, based previously on the Wheat Worker's Code of Ethics, should be preserved and strengthened in development of future collaborations to maintain viability of public wheat breeding programs and maximize benefits to the entire wheat industry.  This Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) for germplasm exchange is thereby constructed to promote and facilitate germplasm exchange between institutions. 

Wheat Workers' MTA

 Institutions currently participating in the Wheat Workers' MTA are:

 Institutions who would like to participate in the Wheat Workers' MTA should follow the process below.

1.      Download the MTA document from the ESCOP web site at the link above and secure the necessary institutional approvals and signatures.  There is no approval necessary from current MTA participants.

2.      Scan and email the signed MTA document to Donna Pearce (donna_pearce@ncsu.edu), who maintains the ESCOP web site.  The scanned document will confirm that the institution has formally adopted the MTA and their name will be added to the current participant's list.  The document will not be put on the web, but kept on file for future reference.

3.      Implement the terms of the MTA to share wheat germplasm among participants.

 For questions regarding the MTA, please contact Ernie Minton, Kansas State University, at 785-532-6148 or eminton@ksu.edu