Virtual Notebook - Volume 2

New Director/Administrator Orientation
with ESCOP Orientation
December 10-11, 2002
Washington, DC

NASULGC Overview  - Al Lingg, NASULGC
Regional Associations  - Mike Harrington, WAAESD
The Federal Budget - Christina Buch, CSREES
Land-Grant Influence on the Budget Process - Terry Nipp, AESOP
The Farm Bill - Its Significance to Land-Grants - Milo Shult
CSREES-USDA - The Federal Partner - Colien Hefferan, Moderator
Federal Partner - George Cooper
Role of NPL - Thomas Bewick
e-Grants and e-Government - Sally Rockey
The Competitive Grants Environment - Deborah Sheely and Mark Poth
Competitive Grants from Perspective of a Land Grant Dean - Tom Fretz
Multi-functional Integrated Activities - Alton Thompson
LOGIC Framework/Outcomes/Impacts:
LOGIC Model - Ellen Fitzsimmons, Chair
Planning and Accountability - Cheryl Oros
Communicating Outcomes and Impacts - Terry Meisenbach
Plan of Work - Cheryl Oros
Integrating International Programs into Discovery, Learning, and Engagement - Hiram Larew, CSREES
Budget Management - Chester Fehlis
Conflict Management - Ellen Fitzsimmons
The Art and Science of Administration - Charles Laughlin
Being Personally Prepared to Be an Administrator - Karen Kubena
(Survey: Opinions of Administrators of Colleges of Agriculture)
ESCOP Section Orientation
ESS Operation, ESCOP, committees, etc.
Scott Angle, ESCOP Chair - Moderator
Budget and Legislative Committee - Richard Jones, Chair
Science and Technology Committee - Nancy Cox, Chair
Planning Committee - Virginia Clark-Johnson, Chair
Partnership Committee - D. C. Coston, Chair
Experiences of a Director-in-Action
D. C. Coston, Director, Oklahoma State University
Richard Jones, Dean for Research, University of Florida
MacArthur Floyd, Alabama A&M
  • Clientele Groups
  • Legislators and Congressional Staff
  • Internal Politics of University Life
  • State Funding Initiatives
  • Commodity Group Relationships
  • Discussion
MRF: Reporting Requirements and Timing - Daryl Lund, Executive Director, NCRA
  • SAES
  • USDA
  • Multistate Research Project Portfolios and Management
    Guidelines for Multistate Research Activities
    Administrative Advisor Responsibilities
  • National Information Management Support System (NIMSS)
    Rubie Mize, Assistant to the Director, NERA
  • Discussion