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Officers of ESCOP and the Experiment Station Section

The ESCOP Committee

Core Committees:

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Officers of ESCOP and the Experiment Station Section

Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy is the executive or operating body of the Experiment Station Section, Board on Agriculture, NASULGC, and handles continuing business, organization, and policy issues on behalf of the state agricultural experiment station directors. Full ESCOP meetings are usually scheduled in February or March (in Washington, DC) and in July or August.

Chair: Darrell Nelson (NE)

Participating Members:

  • J.S. Angle (MD)
  • D.H. Vanderholm (NE)
  • D.C. Coston (OK)
  • R.S. Pardini (NV)
  • K.W. Bell (DE)
  • D.R. MacKenzie (ED-NE)
  • R.D. Heil (ED-W)
  • T.J. Helms (ED-S)
  • S.L. Donald (ED-1890s)

Other Usual Invitees:

  • tba
  • tba
  • C. Hefferan (CSREES), Acting Administrator
  • M. Neufville (NASULGC), Director of Relations for Agriculture

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