ESCOP Meeting

Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

Congressional Room, West Lobby

March 3, 2015


Attendees: Bob Shulstad , Chair, Dan Rossi, Eric Young, Bill Brown, Ernie Minton, Connie Kays, Jeff Jacobsen, Carolyn Brooks, Shirley Hymon-Parker, Hunt Shipman, Mike Harrington, Gary Thompson, Saied Mostaghmi, Clarence Watson, Jane Schuchardt, George Hopper, Nancy Cox, Jim Moyer, Moses Kairo, Archie Clutter, Mike Hoffman, Tim Phipps, Fred Servello, Dave Benfield, Robert Holland, Meryl Broussard, Bill Payne, Chris Pritsos, Teferi Tsegaye, Maifan Silitonga, Maria Gallo, Bob Godfrey, Lee Yudin, Jeffrey Steiner, Brian Buhr, Greg Cuomo, Mark Latimore, Edmund Buckner, Conrad Bonsi, Laura Gamper, Jim Richards, Vernie Hubert and Dyremple Marsh 



Action Items


 Approval of Agenda - Approved

 Approval of Minutes - Approved
 Approval of Action Items - Approved


 Approve to pay NC-FAR $1,000 dues




Topic and Presenter(s)





Call to Order - Bob Shulstad, Chair

1.1 Approval of the Agenda

1.2 Approval of November 3, 2014 ESCOP Meeting Minutes, Orlando, FL

1.3 Approval of Interim Actions

·         ESCOP/ECOP Chairs Meetings with Cornerstone, kglobal, and REE/NIFA Leadership, Dec 18-19

  • Approved - Agenda
  • Approved - Minutes
  • Approved - Action Items



NIFA Report - Meryl Broussard, USDA/NIFA

 In meeting report:

  • President budget – NIFA brochure explains various budget requests
    •  Total $1.7 Billion
    • Increases in AFRI and capacity even when overall government is flat
    • System’s top priorities are similar to NIFA’s
  • Still committed to improve RFA timing, but implementing some Farm Bill language delayed them
  • Naming “centers of excellence” defined by 5 criteria and used only as tie breakers
  • Still working on details of implementation
  • Question: Why does NIFA need LGU’s to demonstrate Hatch match on a project basis
    • Meryl and Bob Holland were not aware of change, but are looking into what has changed
    • Will resolve issue as soon as possible
  • Question: Still a long lag time for approving projects
  • Meryl gets monthly reports on delayed approvals
  • Bart has tracking system so know where project is in approval process



Cornerstone Report - Hunt Shipman, Jim Richards, or Vernie Hubert

In meeting report:

  • FY’16 – information on President’s budget has been distributed
  • $213 Million increase, mostly in AFRI
  • Increases in capacity in President’s budget, first time in long time, but Hatch and Evan’s Allen increase is proposed to be awarded competitively.  Appropriations language can override the Authorization’s capacity language
  • System does not support competitive language
  • Evans Allen and 1890’s Extension request has increase to cover Central State addition
  • 1994 budgets increase for research and extension 



Budget & Legislative Committee  - Gary Thompson and Mike Harrington

In meeting report:

  • Looking at developing a structure to facilitate bringing forward a “big ask”.  How do we advocate for these after they’ve been developed
  • Funding under Water Resources “big ask” includes
    • Multistate projects
    • Regional water centers
    • Other water initiatives
  • Impact statements will be developed that define the need and the capacity to address issues raised in the Water Resources report. 



Communication and Marketing Committee  - Nancy Cox and Dan Rossi

In meeting report:

  • Message testing is showing a lot of important points to consider
  • Administrative Heads Section now a partner
  • ACOP not a partner but has reps on the committee
  • Rick Rhoads will be in-coming chair representative ESCOP, Scott Reid is chair, Nancy is past chair



Science and Technology Committee  - John Russin and Jeff Jacobsen

In meeting report:

  • Discussed NRC report on AFRI and common threads
  • Recommended a science council for AFRI – support this
  • Recommended more interagency grants
  • May do a survey to figure out why AFRI applications have dropped
  • New topic for discussion is USDA’s open access policy.  S&T will develop recommendations on implementation
  • Open access plan is 3 year phase in
    • Eventually all funding will be subject to this
    • Want to include capacity funded science to indicate excellence
    • Data management will be left to local discretion



National Impact Database Committee  - Bill Brown and Eric Young

In meeting report:

  • Official joint committee now in place
  • Public release was March 2
  • Universities are also putting out press releases on this database



Healthy Food Systems, Healthy People Steering Committee  - Shirley Hymon-Parker, Clarence Watson, and Eric Young

  In meeting report:

  • Next “big ask” after water, probably in FY ’18
  • Trying to integrate agriculture systems and food, with health
  • ECOP has moved forward, with ESCOP, on education aspects
  • A small group of scientists is being established to look at knowledge gaps and research needs
  • Still some confusion between the overall Task Force and the ECOP education-oriented initiative



Futuring Task Force  - Mike Hoffmann and Dan Rossi

In meeting report:

  • Charged to look out 25 years and ask if we’re positioned correctly to address challenges
  • Moving slowly to make sure it’s done right



Infrastructure Survey  - Mike Hoffmann and Dan Rossi

  In meeting report:

  • Sightlines survey and instructions have gone out to all institutions
  •  Almost every 1862 & 1890 have paid the assessment
  • Study should be complete by June



 Peanut Varieties International Licensing Issue - Bob Shulstad

 In meeting report:

  • NPB research agreement would prohibit international license of any technology
  • First meeting lead to change in language from “technology” to “cultivars”
  • Next meeting will address international licensing of cultivars and distribution of royalties’


   Shirley Hymon-Parker presided over remainder of the meeting for Bob Shulstad



Items for EDs - (March 4) and ECOP/ESCOP Chairs (March 12) Meetings with NIFA -

  • Senior Executives and International Center Director
  •  National Program Leaders
  • Planning, Accountability, and Reporting Staff
  • Budget Director and Deputy Director for Office of Grants and Financial Management Communications Staff


In meeting report:

  • Leverage of federal resources with state and private source
    • Capacity is leveraged 6-10 times
  • Infrastructure study
  • Character limits in project proposal vs. NPL need for detail



CARET Report - Connie Kays, CARET Liaison to ESCOP

In meeting report:

  • Mentoring program and orientation for new delegates so everyone is on same level
  • Trying to interact more with deans on how to choose and use their CARET delegates



ESCOP National CFAR Membership Renewal - Bob Shulstad

In meeting report:

  • Motion to approve  $1,000 dues - Nancy Cox/Gary Thompson
    • Passed unanimously
  • ESCOP needs to appoint a representative to the board
  • Dan will ask Mike Hoffmann if he’s willing



2015 ESS, AES, ARD Meeting & Workshop Plans - Shirley Hymon-Parker and Carolyn Brooks

In meeting report:

  • Ballantine Hotel, Charlotte
  • September 28 – October 1, 2015
    • Visiting Kannapolis research campus


1890 Anniversary - Shirley Hymon-Parker and Carolyn Brooks

In meeting report:

  • Would like more support from ESS
  • Wellness walk is being held to raise funds but more importantly to raise awareness of 1890”s and land-grants in general



2016 Joint Meeting with NEDA  - Bret Hess and Mike Harrington

In meeting report:

  • Jackson, WY, Jackson Lake Lodge in Teton National Park
  • September 19-23, 2016



Report from ECOP  - Jane Schuchardt for Beverly Durgan, ECOP rep. to ESCOP

In meeting report:

  • eXtension has moved to a membership model and new board is set to take over management
    • New emphasis is on new technology
  • ECOP now has a 4H national committee that is looking at national level issues and increasing support


NRSP Review Committee

In meeting report:

  • Meeting in Denver on May 28
  • NRSP 4, 6, & 7 are up for renewal